ScenSei [sen’-sā] is truly the Master of Scents.

Scensei strong scented wax tarts

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We make only one product and we make it well:
Strong, long lasting scented wax creations.

ScenSei wax tarts utilize a proprietary wax mixture designed, hand poured, cured, and tested by a degreed chemist.
They hold the maximum amount of scent oil IN EMULSION so that you get the strongest and longest lasting scent tart available on the market.

Our wax tarts are tested to be AT LEAST 75% stronger and longer lasting than any other wax tart available on the market today.

Give us a whirl! Our hand poured tarts far exceed the quality and value
of any other commercially available scented tarts. Guaranteed!!

Make sure you receive a volume discount for your clamshell tart order!

Mix and Match scents to get 5 for $22.50 or 10 for $40.00 (plus shipping)