Frequently Asked Questions

Hand-made strong wax tarts

1. What is ScenSei?

ScenSei is THE Master of Scents!!  ScenSei wax tarts are the strongest and longest lasting scented wax tart currently available on the market. Each 3.2 ounce rectangular tart consists of 6 square chambers, or “cubes”, of highly scented wax to be used one or two cubes at a time in an electric bulb or tea light powered wax warmer.


2. What are wax tarts?

Wax tarts are the most cost effective, efficient, and safest way to scent any space such as your home or office.  The ability to “trap” scent oil molecules within a wax substrate, and then release that oil into a space over a prolonged period of time is unique to the use of melting a wax tart in wax tart warmers.  Unlike traditional candles, there is NO wick, therefore, no fire or soot, there is NO environmental release of toxins (like with the burning a wicked candle). The only environmental release is of the scent oil from the wax substrate as it is warmed.  ScenSei wax tart cubes can be warmed, and then left to harden, and re warmed many times before all the scent oil in the wax matrix has been released.


3. How do you use wax tarts?

Simply break off a cube (or two if you are scenting a VERY large open plan space) and place them in your warmer.  Turn on (or light the tea light) of your warmer and within 10-15 minutes you will be in ScenSei wax tart scented heaven!  When you are leaving the area or are ready to be done scenting your space, simply turn off your warmer, and ScenSei wax will re harden to its non-heated state.  At this point, you can either remove the wax from the warmer using the back of a spoon to pry it out of the warmer, or you can keep it in the warmer to warm again at another time when you want to scent your space.


4. Do you sell wax warmers?

No, we DO NOT sell wax warmers.  We concentrate all our time and energy on making ONE excellent product, and we make it VERY well.  That product is a strong and long lasting, yet affordable, scented wax tart in a substantial variety of scents.

Electric warmers for wax tarts can be found very inexpensively in a variety of retail locations for very affordable prices.  Your local Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, even your local grocery store likely carries electric wax tart warmers for $15 or less.


5. Where are ScenSei wax tarts made and who makes them?

ScenSei wax tarts were developed by an individual who has a degree in Chemistry from a highly respected and well known university.  ScenSei wax tarts are proudly made, from suppliers of the raw materials to the final tart sold to you, in the United States of America. Each and every ScenSei wax tart is hand poured, in small batches and under exacting conditions, to ensure that you receive the highest quality, strongest and longest lasting wax tart available on the market today.


6. How long do the tarts last?

This is dependent on the size of the space you are attempting to scent.  For testing purposes, ScenSei uses electric warmers in open floor plan environments of about 400 square feet.  One cube (of a 6 cube ScenSei wax tart) can scent this size of an area for between 70 to 140 hours of continuous or intermittent warming.  For instance, a “softer” scent might last 70 hours per cube, while a more “aggressive” scent will last up to 140 hours of warming.


7. Why do you recommend keeping the tarts in the fridge/freezer?

ScenSei wax tarts are made of a very unique and proprietary mix of paraffin waxes that allow the product to be stronger and longer lasting than other commercially available scented tarts. However, the wax/scent oil mixture is SOFTER than other wax tart available at room temperature.  Therefore, we recommend that you either store your ScenSei wax tarts in a freezer or refrigerator or pop them in your freezer or refrigerator for a few minutes before use so it is easier to break apart a cube from the tart to utilize in your warmer.  It is NOT NECESSARY to do this in order to maximize the use of ScenSei wax tarts.  Keeping them at room temperature does not affect the quality of the ScenSei tart.


8. How do I become a wholesale client?

Becoming a ScenSei wax tart wholesale client is straightforward and highly beneficial if you own a brick and mortar store and are looking for a great new product to sell in your store for a very reasonable wholesale price at a very low risk to you.  Check out our tab on the upper right of the ScenSei homepage titled “Wholesale” to get started with selling ScenSei and seeing big profits now!!


9. What are your specials and do you offer free shipping? 

Create an account with ScenSei on this website to receive notifications of all our specials!  We do offer free shipping and other great specials in the form of coupon codes quite often. If you have an account with us you will be one of the first of our customers notified of any special that we have available!  You can also “like” ScenSei—Master of Scents on Facebook to receive these specials first and hear other ScenSei news!  The Facebook page address is  Go “like” us now!!


11. Will there be more ScenSei scents to choose from in the future?

Yes.  We add scents to our line in the Fall and the Spring.  We always are taking suggestions, so please contact us if there is a certain scent you would like to see added to the line!!


12. How many scents does ScenSei offer and are all of them offered year round?

We offer over 70 scents that range the gamut of all “scent profiles”.  We DO NOT EVER discontinue a scent once it has made it through a rigorous testing process and been inaugurated into the ScenSei wax tart line.  This means you can buy Christmas Cheer in July, and Strawberry Limeade in December!  At ScenSei we believe that people should have access to their favorite ScenSei wax tart scent all year long, regardless of the season!!


13.  What form of payment does ScenSei take for my purchase?

ScenSei offers our customers the option of paying with any major credit card or with their Papal account.  In both cases, when you check out you will be directed to the Paypal portal and you can pay with your credit card there WITHOUT needing a Paypal account.


14.  Do you offer exchanges and/or refunds?

YES!!  Here at ScenSei—Master of Scents we are very proud of our product and are certain you will be a customer for life once you get your order and warm you first cube!  However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We will happily exchange or refund your order if you have any issues with it.  This guarantee applies to the purchase price of your order, and does not include any shipping to or from the buyer.


15.  What should I do if I received damaged jewelry?

If you received a damaged piece of jewelry it is important that you contact us immediately. This should only happen in very rare circumstances as each piece of jewelry is inspected and cataloged prior to being placed securely in your SPARKLE Jewelry Tart. We can not be responsible for jewelry which is damaged during wear or by being removed from the wax. We recommend melting your SPARKLE Jewelry Tart to remove your jewelry and NOT removing by pulling apart by hand or using tools.


16.  How can you afford to put jewelry in every candle?

We purchase our jewelry in bulk from several trusted and respected wholesale suppliers, affording us the opportunity to provide you with a genuine piece of jewelry at a reasonable cost.


17.  Do you guarantee each piece of jewelry to be real?

We only purchase all genuine .925 sterling silver, gemstones, and gold jewelry from trusted and respected wholesale suppliers. We do not personally test each piece of jewelry, instead we rely on the guarantee from our suppliers that we are being provided with a genuine piece of jewelry as advertised. If you have any concerns about the validity of your jewelry, please contact us immediately. If it is proven that you have received a counterfeit piece of jewelry by a certified jeweler, we will pay for the return shipping of the jewelry and provide you with a replacement.


18.  How much is my jewelry actually worth?

When you retrieve your jewelry from your SPARKLE Jewelry Tart you will find a slip of paper that will include the metal and gemstone type, size (if applicable), and suggested retail value that was provided to us from the jewelry supplier whom we purchased it from. We are not a certified jeweler therefore we solely rely on the information the supplier provides us with and pass that information along to you.


19.  What type of wax do you use?

Our wax is a blend of 100% paraffin wax which requires no cure time, so you can melt your SPARKLE Jewelry Tart the day you receive it.


20.  What is the TAT?

All SPARKLE Jewelry Tarts are made custom order. Current TAT is 7-14 business days, but is subject to change. Please join our Facebook group where we post important updates.


21.  How do you pick who gets what jewelry?

We don’t! Once we receive and inventory our jewelry it is packaged in foil and placed in correlating inventory bins. Depending on what type of SPARKLE Jewelry Tart you order we randomly select each foil package to place in the SPARKLE Jewelry Tarts. What you reveal is as much of a surprise to us as it is to you!


22.  What if my question is not listed here?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and shoot us an e-mail!  We will return your e-mail to answer all your questions, address any concern, and discuss any comments you may have within 24 hours.