Wholesale Scensei

Hand-made Scensei wax tartsWe Love What We Make.

And we want you to love what you sell!

ScenSei offers a comprehensive and reasonable wholesale buyer program to help you profitably sell ScenSei wax tarts in your small business or just to your own friends, family and coworkers.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to sign up and start making your own profit on this superior wax tart!

Is Wholesale for You?

Do you own a small business looking for a quality cash and carry product to offer your customers?

ScenSei is sold in gift shops, Hair salons, Nail salons, Convenience stores, Collectible stores, and even by individuals who want to provide their network of friends, family and coworkers with a quality wax tart product while also making some money for themselves.

There is a significant market for scented wax tarts that offer superior quality and value.  Almost anyone you know has an electric or tea light warmer that they use often for scenting their lives.

Start stocking ScenSei wax tarts and you will see them flying off your shelves!

Wholesale Requirements

Initial wholesale accounts require a purchase of a minimum of 100 tarts.  These can be of any scent or multiples of scents.

Discounts on tarts are based on the volume purchased.

100 tarts or more are charged at $3.00 per tart.

After the initial purchase re order prices are as follows:

1-40 tarts are priced at 3.75 per tart.

40-60 tarts are prices at 3.50 a tart.

60-100 tarts are priced at 3.25 a tart.

100+ tarts are priced at 3.00 a tart.

Buyer pays shipping.

40 tarts can be fit into a medium flat rate USPS box for $12.35 per box

60 tarts can fit into a large flat rate USPS box for $16.85 per box.

All wholesale orders will be invoiced via Paypal or through your e-mail address and will ship within 4-7 business days of the invoice being paid, depending on the quantities of ScenSei wax tarts purchased.  We also accept credit card payments once an invoice has been created and sent to you.

Make Money Selling ScenSei!!

Wholesale customers have no obligation or contract with ScenSei.  If a wholesale customer is not satisfied with sales of the ScenSei product they simply stop re-ordering.

It is as simple as that to start selling ScenSei wax tarts and make a great profit margin with it!

If you have any questions, please contact us.  We love our wholesale customers and offer full service support.